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A world-class hub
for craftsmanship.

Weʼre all about scaling production of great ideas.

Since 1997, we have expanded from product sourcing to operating wholly-owned design, prototyping, and manufacturing facilities. Throughout our journey, our mission has stayed the same: to ideate, develop and make products that require material combination and craftsmanship.

COSMO responsively scales output for the largest tech companies and many leading luxury and beauty brands. Weʼre also nurturing the leaders and disruptors of tomorrow, with solutions to fast-track startups to market.

What we value

An unshakable commitment to excellence, to respect
our colleagues and partners, and to be socially responsible.

A culture that succeeds by sharing
and discussing ideas freely.

Reducing our carbon footprint, waste and
consumption of energy and water.

Our clientsʼ confidentiality - which prevents us from
showing many of the great products
we've made for them.

Square Feet

We make
30000000 30m+
Items per year


A Well Designed Week
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A Well Designed Week

The COSMO team pulled out all the stops for the San Francisco 2018 Design week.

A Good Start

COSMO provided some sleek branded merchandise for the VIP Launch Party on June 7th. It was merchandise with a purpose, enabling participants to use re-usable drinking tumblers to protect the environment.

The Softer Side of Hardware

On the 13th of June COSMO hosted a panel discussion with industry experts from Astro Design, Lunar Design, Fitbit, and Lab126. Attendance exceeded our wildest estimates with over 120 people visiting the COSMO studio and lab that evening.

The topic of the panel was the fusion of soft materials with hardware. The whole session was recorded, and we will share the video for those who missed it across our social media platforms when it is ready.

We want to thank industry experts, Kyle Swen, Stephanie Henze, Brian Paschke and Monica Mecchella for joining the panel and for their support in making this event a reality. There is nothing better than sharing ideas, knowledge and get inspired by like-minded people dealing with similar challenges.

COSMO Crawl @SFDesignWeek

COSMO participated in the Friday night design crawl, and we did not regret it. We had over 250 amazing visitors come by to check out our space and meet the design team.

Our team and our visitors had almost too much fun in the photo booth that night. It was the perfect end note to an incredible week.

Go Engineer was a special sponsor for both events. They sponsored the catering and handled our lab machines like the professionals they are, sharing their knowledge with those interested. And thanks to Lagunitas, nobody left thirsty!

Thank you to everyone who supported, visited and shared this experience with us. A special thanks to the organizers of San Francisco Design Week, who outdid themselves this year.

Cosmosupplylab Becomes Cosmo
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Cosmosupplylab Becomes Cosmo

Cosmo Going Minimal

We are simplifying our company name, going from Cosmosupplylab to Cosmo. Our name is simple, straightforward and easy to remember.

We have all been referring to Cosmosupplylab as Cosmo for years now. We are just making it official. Our staff does it, our clients do it, and all our suppliers have done it.

We, therefore, decided to make the change and no time is better than the present. Most importantly, it is now in line with how we refer to the company on a day to day basis.

Supply and Labs Have a Role

We are not ready to say goodbye to Supply and Labs completely. These will form the company’s two divisions.

Cosmo Labs will handle all design and prototyping related needs, while Cosmo Supply specializes in manufacturing and industrial scale-up.

Each division handles a different stage in getting your idea from paper to final product. Both divisions remain part of the same company.

Refined Logo

A shorter name means a minor adjustment for our logo. The logo is now bolder and makes more of an impact. At the same time, it has a smaller footprint and has been optimized for online platforms. It too went through the process of simple, clean and clear.

New Web Address

Our short name also needs a matching website address, so we will be rolling out instead of You will see us working towards updating our name, both in-house and across all platforms, in the coming month. We will keep the old website address for some time to come, it will only re-direct to our new address.

We will make sure you can find us in all the usual places. Welcome to Cosmo; same company, simpler name.

Meet Our New Interns
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Meet Our New Interns

New Recruits

Recently Cosmos took in a number of interns, with specializations ranging from graphic design to product design. During the last three weeks, they have worked on social media material, branding, research, and product creation. Meet Jessica, Mina, Krati, and Leoncio, as they give us insights on what they worked on so far.

Bringing in Different Perspectives

Jessica Lee comes from Carleton University in Ottowa, working towards her Industrial Design degree. She has been with us for 4 weeks, researching current material trends and processes to come up with new phone case designs.

Their background allows varied insights. “I like how different everyone’s backgrounds are, and how everyone brings their own perspective to the table. It makes brainstorming sessions very interesting,” Jessica emphasized. As a sophomore university student, she is appreciative of the realistic view she gained on how sketches turn to real products.

Expanding Existing Skills

Armina Menor is a recent graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Hong Kong. After earning her degree in Graphic Design, she is now working on Cosmosupplylab’s social media design and content. She also writes articles for the Cosmo website. It is a different experience than she is normally used to.

“I appreciate that I get to exercise my communication and writing muscles, as these are complimentary for a graphic designer,” she states. “It is important to work on something new in order to expand your current skills.”

People-centered Design

Krati Dasot also recently graduated from SCAD Hong Kong. She majored in Graphic Design and minored in Painting. She is currently working on redefining and rebranding the Cosmo studio.

“I had to understand who the target audience was and present my ideas in ways that the listener will understand. It’s an invaluable and eye-opening experience.” Krati said. Like Jessica, she likes the office environment and the people she works with. “It’s a very fun, diverse, and open-minded group of people. It keeps you humble and open.”

Experimentation is Important

Leoncio Soler is a Savannah College of Art and Design student, working on his second degree in Interaction Design and Game Development. He gained his Industrial Design degree in Columbia. Now, he is researching on sustainable and environmental materials for product designs. He comes to the office excited every day, as our R&D prototype lab is like one he has never seen before.

“Experimentation is key to discovery”

“The team is amazing,” he says “I’m learning a lot from my colleagues on how to experiment and do research.” He also states that resourcefulness is still essential, no matter how much access you have to state of the art tools. “Experimentation is key to discovery. Materials are one with storytelling, and there are so many of them.”

Our interns constantly give us great work and new perspectives. We are excited about the projects they will finish with us. They are great examples of why it is important to remain open to fresh insights.

A Recipe for Rule Breakers
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A Recipe for Rule Breakers

Innovation and Creativity

Hong Kong—Asia’s largest financial hub and home to some of the most reputable universities in the world. It is also the 5th fastest growing startup ecosystem according to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report in 2017. Overall, Hong Kong has the appearance of doing well in the start-up space.

But what is the matter?

That said, there still seems to be a disconnect between academia and industry. Education emphasizes traditional exams and good grades rather than project-based solution-oriented assignments and out-of-the-box thinking. The disconnect between education and industry can help explain why, finding and retaining talents in Hong Kong, is still one of the biggest challenges for startups and innovation companies.

How to raise free-thinkers?

“Hong Kong’s education system is not conducive to breeding entrepreneurs. An emphasis on rote memorization, respect for authority, and obeying rules produces plenty of people who know how to follow instructions and few who know what instructions to give.” Josh Steime, emphasized recently.

The prevailing attitudes of graduates reflect this. A recent study indicates that Hong Kong has a risk-averse culture where most university graduates prefer stable corporate positions rather than jobs at startups. Nearly 30% of graduates want employment in the banking sector or with financial institutions.

“Hong Kong’s education system is not conducive to breeding entrepreneurs. An emphasis on rote memorization, respect for authority, and obeying rules produces plenty of people who know how to follow instructions, and few who know what instructions to give.”

Significant differences in starting salary explain the lure of the banking industry. Established companies can offer considerably higher wages and job security. On the other hand, the upside of working for a start-up is more creative freedom, relevant job experience on overdrive and sometimes a future stake in a fast-growing venture.

The Need for Rule-Breakers

Innovative companies need graduates who understand technology, product design, marketing and commercialization of goods. Graduates who are not afraid of using their hands, as well as their heads and on occasion, not scared of breaking with convention.

The universities are slowly starting to tailor initiatives to this purpose. HKUST, for example, opened an entrepreneurship center in 1999, offering workshops on a regular basis, creative competitions and managing an accelerator to jumpstart student startups’ products.

Other bright initiatives are MIT-HK Innovation Node, First Code Academy, BSD Academy and General Assembly, who encourage people to explore the fields of coding, design, and digital marketing. Competitions like Hackathon and Startup Weekend also sustain a growing momentum and capture the imagination of a generation.

Without a revolution of traditional education and a change in mindset, students will lack a strong foundation and relevant tools to deal with an ever-changing world. A new world will demand other types of skills.

The Role of Industry

Universities and companies can work together in ensuring graduates have an opportunity to garner experience before they graduate. Increased collaboration would enable graduates to see that continuous assessment based on grades, is not valued over creativity or the ability to solve problems. Internships are not new. It can prove to be very useful in building confidence and in expanding horizons. In the end, graduates will have a better understanding of how things work and their abilities.

Companies should offer practical internships, where student’s skills can be tested. For businesses, internships are a great way to find potential future employees. Young graduates bring with them an influx of new creative ideas. We need to encourage students to use the knowledge they have accumulated and put them to the test. Finally, a tool box filled, not only with academic knowledge, is a better foundation for the future.

Changing the Mindset

“Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving.”

Students also need to be internally motivated and proactively try out new things. As Conrad Hilton once said, “Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving.” With an increasing need for innovation, Hong Kong needs to inspire their young generation and spur them into action.

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