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Reach Further, Higher and Faster

New Name of High Velocity

One of our production units has earned itself a new name. From today our Cdiv production unit will be known as High Velocity (HV). The change of the name is in line with the company’s emphasis on agility and fast-tracking products to market.

“The foundation of the name is based on the value we provide for our customers. We fast-track ideas to finished product. That means putting imagination into action so to speak. We offer a unique combination of advanced material experience with product engineering and manufacturing capabilities.” Sebastian Bujnoch, Associate Director of Business Development at Cosmo, emphasized.

This year many milestones have been reached by the HV unit. The group has embraced both advancements in state-of-the-art advanced materials and cutting-edge fusion of smart, hard and soft technologies.

Celebrating Milestones Reached

The HV team celebrated the achievement of the milestones with an afternoon of high tea and the head of operations used the opportunity to reiterate the company’s strategic direction for the future. The HV unit has been gaining momentum, and the aim is to continue the positive trend.

“We embrace not only a multicultural perspective, but a culture of constant improvement and performance growth. This is an opportunity to give a hugely deserved thank you to the HV team for their excellent work.” Echo Li, the HR Leader at HV, said during the milestone celebration in Dongguan.

Creative Teamwork

The HV team is dedicated to training and rewarding its members for a job well done. The leadership team initiated employee recognition awards earlier this year. We also saw an increase in training courses offered. The firm dedication to training has resulted in more training classes and attendees by July 2017, then the entire year of 2016.

During the celebration, the HV team also used the opportunity for team building activities. The team collectively spelled out the abbreviation of the new name, as a creative way of making sure it not be forgotten.